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High Dynamic Range Photography for Websites


High Dynamic Range Photography

I am David Schlatter...Photographer 'David' offers clients advance digital, professional, commercial web-based photography services. Our staff's eye for the slightest detail is what has led to some incredible client photography.                                                                  
With today's competitive marketplace in digital and conventional marketing, the only difference and deciding factor between your website and the competition, can be your photography and or videography. There’s a difference between professional photography for a client website and conventional print-published photography for print and promo media. Both require a professional eye, but from very different points of view.  

Photographer 'David' for (18) years has provided photography for david media solutions client websites and conventional marketing . But not until now, have we offered our highest and most advanced digital and professional services for non-website clients through-out Arizona as well.
Our firm's advance technology, software, hardware, equipment, resources and support staff dedicated to photo and video editing, brings my PHOTOGRAPHY full-circle. From our early beginnings we've become a competitive alternative to extreme higher cost options and competitors.
Photographer 'David' offers photography and the mobility for location shooting for any client needing this specialty service.