RE photography standard and boring

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david schlatter

RE photography standard and boring

Real Estate photography does not have to be standard and boring. Facts show that real estate photography with unique perspectives, composites and angles will sell most of the time faster. Why is this?

Every Home you list is unique. Life happened in this home your selling, a family raised, grandpa and grandma’s thanksgiving dinners were served there many years. Your first kiss, date, child was born and so much more happened in this home you are selling.  There is a romance to real estate photography I enjoy. That can be only reflected when shooting with a perspective, angle, and composite ideology.  

Regardless of the value of a home for sale. Shooting a great perspective of the Home is essential in telling the potential future story of life in this home from your possible buyer’s perspective when viewing the property photos on your website and or ARMLS of FLEX. I use the natural light and colors of the home I am shooting to bring out the purposefulness of the possible life to be lived in this new home for someone searching your properties. Most photos are then enhanced or not, by removing a large percentage of shadow and highlights to give a better online expanse of each room.

Whether I shoot your property, or another photographer does, when possible, think out of the standard and sometimes boring and unrealistic images seen a lot on the web and try to achieve a greater perspective, composite and angle showing the potential of a new life, lived in this home for sale.

Have a great day and if I can be of service, I am a call away.


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